By teaming up various administrative sections, pathology subspecialties, consultative research laboratories, and full-service clinical tests, Massoud Laboratory provides patients and supports the health care system with the best quality and most comprehensive services.

The faculty and specialist staff effectively combine the conventional diagnostic pathology with the state-of-the-art technologies to the clinical services. Our departments provide not only services for the patients and physicians in the Health System, but also for regional consultations in numerous subspecialties.

Massoud Laboratory services include:
·           Phlebotomy
·           Histology
·           Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
·           Immunhistochemistry
·           Drugs of Abuse Testing
·           Immunohematology
·           Hematology
·           Endocrinilogy
·           Microbilogy
·           Mycology
·           Clinical Chemistry
·           Parasitoogy
·           Biological and Environmental Testing
·           Serology
·           Cytology
·           Molecular Diagnostics
·           Cytogenetics
·           Sjpecial Studies upon request
·           Diagnostic testing for disorders of Amino Acid and organic acid metabolism

Laboratory test results are routinely provided by preliminary and/or final reports, including reference ranges when  appropriate.